by Blurring

Years Later
Terminus and the Wing
Like Wolves
Terminus and Flame
Uco Gets a Gun
Rape Van
Thirteen Versions of Yesterday
Utica Crib
Faces Replacing Faces


You think it’s going to be okay, but you’re not totally sure. The room is dim, the walls a dirty white, half-ripped horror movie posters and water stains. It smells like cat piss and stale beer. You hope it passes you think it will pass it was just some super strong shit. You melt into a decrepit Barcalounger and clench your toes. The anxiety, the itch, the filth, the unwanted thoughts. Maybe you need to make some changes. Across the room a bunch of scruffy metal dudes chop up hash into bottle-toke sized turds and headbang congenially to a wicked miasma of blast-beats, raw, tortured vocals and angular, fast-as-fuck grind riffs.

This is Blurring.

Straight out of Rochester, NY: America’s answer to Newcastle, England. With some grindcore royalty to boot. Featuring Danny Lilker on bass (Anthrax, Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault et al), and Erik Burke on drums (Lethargy, Sulaco, Nuclear Assault, Napalm Death et al) Blurring play a poisoned brand of USA grindcore for player haters. Chaotic, filthy, evil. This is some trve underground noise that transcends scenes, styles and fascist youth haircuts. It’s ugly music that perfectly encapsulates the ethos of underground metal: fast, vile and unrelenting. You think it’s going to be okay, but you’re not totally sure.


releases 28 April 2015

Guitar: Scott D, Guitar Matt C, Drums: Erik B, Bass/Samples: Dan L, Vocals: Mark W

All songs written by Blurring
Produced by Dave Hall and Blurring
Recorded at Watchmen Studio
Engineered/Mastered by Doug White
Mixed by Doug White and Blurring
Additional trumpeting by Pat Murphy
"Drones" recorded by Greg Thompson
Photos: Weldon/Johnson



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