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On October 18th 2014, Handshake Inc will release "Perpetual Conversion: 30 Years and Counting in the Life of Metal Veteran Dan Lilker." The book is an oral history of Dan's life so far, covering the amazing bands he's been a part of, and the music he has created.

Written and compiled from all new, original interviews by author (and former Brutal Truth merch monkey) Dave Hofer, the book is divided into chapters covering Lilker’s amazing musical legacy, and explores his newer projects. An oral history, Lilker’s story is told in his own words, with killer contributions from friends, family and former band members and musical associates, such as Craig Setari, Barney Greenway, Dave Witte, Ross Dolan, John Connelly, Scott Ian, Gene Hoglan, Kevin Sharp, Anders Odden, Rich Hoak, Digby Pearson, Jason Fuller, Fenriz, Chris Reifert, Necro, Dave Mustaine, Dave Ellefson and Jacob Bannon.

Featuring never-before-seen photos, band related artwork, fliers, and archival pics, “Perpetual Conversion…,” is not just the story of Dan Lilker’s prolific career and the people he’s influenced, but an epic journey through the tortured annals of heavy metal, the underground extreme music scene, and Lilker’s life-long dedication to music.

Perpetual Conversion, a fanzine-style book honoring Lilker’s contributions to music, told from the perspective of Lilker and the other interviewees, and with topics ranging from the formations and dissolutions of bands, his participation in the New York hardcore and metal scenes, touring, songwriting and recording. Featuring a treasure-trove of previously-unpublished photos, fliers and memorabilia from all eras of Lilker’s career, Perpetual Conversion is a must-read for all fans of heavy metal.
The first 300 copies of the book feature black 'painted edges' for that extra metal feel.

Featuring amazing, and previously unheard stories from his days in Anthrax, SOD, Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth - in addition to stopping for a look at his lesser-known projects along the way, including Extra Hot Sauce, The Ravenous, Malformed Earthborn and Overlord Exterminator – “Perpetual Conversion…” is a must-read for fans of Dan Lilker’s storied and musical past, and anyone interested in the ins-and-outs of playing music, the music business and heavy/extreme metal.


released 15 September 2014

In honour of the publication of this book, Dan Lilker chose 11 tracks of his favourite music that he has played on.

Perpetual Conversion was written by Dave Hofer, designed by Jon Krohn, published by Handshake Inc



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